Naranjilla or Lulo is a shrub that grows in humid climates with  high rainfall . Its fruit is round with a strong skin and a pulp of bittersweet flavor. Ideal for fresh consumption and industry. 


    The pineapple ready to eat is a product ripened on the plant for two additional weeks compared with the traditional pineapple shipped by sea. The extra time of ripening in the plant allows to lower the acidity and increase the sugar, achieving a unique flavor totally different from the traditional pineapple. 


    Physalis is a product native of the Andes, this exotic superfruit is round, with smooth skin, bright,  yellow, golden, orange or green, depending on the variety. Its flesh is juicy, with yellow seeds, small and soft, that can be eaten. When the fruit is ripe it is sweet with a slight sour taste. 


    The passion fruit is an aromatic fruit that with a hard and smooth skin, that becomes rough when ripe.  The shape of this fruit is round or oval, and inside it is full of a viscous pulp of yellow color, with abundant small black seeds. 


    The sweet passion fruit belongs to the family of the fruits of passion. The skin is strong, thick,  smooth and orange. The pulp consists of small black and edible seeds covered with a juicy, crystalline, transparent and gelatinous texture. Its flavor is sweet and has a pleasant aroma. 


    The Orito, Baby Banana or Bananito is a fruit of the banana family, smaller with a sweeter flavor and more creamy texture and high consistency. 


    The yellow pitahaya from the Palora canton was identified about 10 years ago. Palora is known as the Eden of the Amazon and is located in the Amazon Region of Ecuador. The nutritional benefits of the fruit, its appearance and exotic shape,  drove the gradual growth of the crops and now the pitahaya is one of the most important  export products of the area.